Grant Shapps MP answers your questions

Look at what we found on a Conservative blog, it makes for very interesting reading.

 Is the Green Belt safe under the Conservatives? Labour talk about maintaining the total acreage by compensatory additions when one site is redesignated for building. This defeats the purpose of the Green belt in containing urban sprawl and encouraging urban regeneration. Do the Conservatives recognise the real benefits the Green Belt brings in forcing hard planning decisions for our towns and cities?

Grant Shapps:
Yes we will rigorously protect the Green Belt and won’t pull the wool over people’s eyes by saying that we’re enlarging it, whilst simultaneously deleting parts and creating new green belt where there’s no real development pressure. The only caveat to this very firm policy would be if local people wanted to use Green Belt for a community based facility. I’m thinking here of the kind of development that may well provide a community sports facility on Green Belt in my own constituency. This would be subject to all the safeguards that you would expect, including final sign-off by the Secretary of State. The message would be simple though. We’ll protect the Green Belt and we won’t play tricks by deleting one part and creating it elsewhere in the country.”

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December 19, 2012 · 7:35 am

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