Chairman’s Update (on behalf of the Garden Village Preservation Society Committee)

Paul WardA quick update and a request for help.

With only 17 days until the end of the consultation period we are now focusing on the council’s response forms. According to everything we’ve been told, this is the most effective way for us to get our point(s) across about the proposals. Therefore we’ve started work on delivering a set of the response forms (along with a few guidelines) to every household in the village. We would like every member of every household to complete both forms (so you may need to make some copies) and get them back to me as soon as possible (details are in the envelope headed your way).

As well as filling in the forms we would also ask that you to talk to everyone you know in the village. Make sure they’re aware of what’s going on and ask them if they’ve filled in the forms.

Beyond the end of the consultation we are looking to create a long-term strategy to fight the plans which will include:
• Fund-raising
• Applying for a grant from the town council (done!)
• Researching all areas of the proposals in more detail to look for errors in the council’s processes (like not telling us what was going on!)
• Taking legal advice
• Ongoing plan to keep the media interested
• Future council elections – time for a change
• Expanding the youth activity
• Working with other residents’ associations
• ++++

Our residents meeting on the 23rd January at Green Lanes School (7.30pm) will cover more of our planned activities and give you a chance to put forward your own ideas to combat the proposals. We’ll also have tea and biscuits … oh, and a bucket or two for donations. (Some committee members have already spent a considerable amount of their own money but obviously we can’t fund it all, hence the request for donations to continue the fight.)

Thank you all for your input so far … let’s keep it going!


January 16, 2013 · 1:51 pm

3 responses to “Chairman’s Update (on behalf of the Garden Village Preservation Society Committee)

  1. Fundraising idea – How about a GVPS Paypal account to enable electronic fund donations?

  2. PayPal donations now up and running 🙂

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